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“Save the Rack” with Cheyenne OBGYN!

It’s no secret that Cheyenne OBGYN cares deeply about women – we consider it an immense privilege to provide compassionate healthcare to the women in our community, and we are always searching for ways to advocate for and meet the healthcare needs of women throughout the entire state of Wyoming. Read on to learn more about the fun our team has each year at Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative’s Pink Ribbon Run!

Cheyenne OBGYN has been a proud supporter and partner of the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative since its inception in 2016. The Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative provides statewide breast cancer detection funding and survivor services – and does so with absolutely no eligibility limitations. The WBCI goes out of its way to serve uninsured and underinsured women in Wyoming. 

One of the things we love about the WBCI is that all funds are raised in Wyoming, and the funds stay in Wyoming! This is a huge win for the women in our community. Due to the various healthcare needs and barriers within the state, Wyoming ranks last in the entire nation for breast health screenings of women over the age of 50. The Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative funds breast cancer programs throughout the state, with a special emphasis on increasing education about breast health. The initiative also provides financial assistance for those in need of breast cancer screenings, and has provided hundreds of life-saving screenings to women across Wyoming. 

Since its beginnings in 2016, the WBCI has granted over half a million dollars in all 23 counties across our beautiful state! The Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative has saved and changed the lives of countless women in Wyoming, and we consider ourselves lucky to partner with such an incredible organization.

Cheyenne OBGYN has had the privilege of supporting the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative for over 6 years now, and one of our favorite events each year is the WBCI Pink Ribbon Run. Our team always has an absolute blast getting decked out in matching t-shirts and participating in the Pink Ribbon Run, as well as the Survivor Breakfast & Celebration which precedes it. It is always a joy to witness the people of Cheyenne coming together and rallying for such a worthy cause!

It is an incredible honor to partner with an organization that has done such wonderful things for women and families in our community. We are proud to support the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative, and we had a grand time participating in the 2022 Cheyenne Pink Ribbon Run on August 6. We can’t wait for next year!

Each year, Mantooth Company creates a fun logo specifically for the Cheyenne OBGYN team to wear during the Pink Ribbon Run. This event is always a highlight of our year! Our shirts for the 2022 Run said “Save the Rack!”

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