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Minerva Ablation

Minerva Ablation

Menstruation, or periods, can be uncomfortable. But some people experience extreme bleeding and cramping that can last for more time than expected. We now offer a minimally invasive option to consider before a full hysterectomy.

What is a Minerva Endometrial Ablation?

The Minerva ES® is an FDA-approved surgery that removes the endometrium. This is the lining of the uterus that thickens during your menstrual cycle and sheds when you have your period. If you don’t have that uterine lining, your periods may be shorter or lighter. Unlike a hysterectomy, which is major surgery, the Minerva procedure doesn’t require incisions or general anesthesia.

The Procedure

As the procedure progresses, the area of tissue requiring ablation become smaller. Sensing that, the system dynamically reduces power to an appropriate dosage. This prevents the uterine cavity from being overwhelmed with energy, which could result in an early impedance shut off.

In 120 seconds, a complete and consistent depth of ablation is achieved. This is why Minerva ES® delivers the best results.

The Treatment

  • The treatment takes about two minutes
  • You will be given some medicine to stay comfortable
  • Post-treatment, you will go to a recovery room for about an hour to be monitored
  • Someone else will need to drive you home
  • Cramping might occur for a few days, over-the counter medication will help
  • You might have some discharge for two-four weeks after the procedure


This procedure offers a seven-time reduction in post-ablation hysterectomy rate, a 72% amenorrhea rate after one year and 93% success rate after one year.


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