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When should your teen begin seeing a gynecologist?

Visiting a gynecologist for the first time is a big step in a young woman’s development. As a parent, you may wonder when the appropriate time is to schedule your daughter’s first GYN appointment.

The gynecologists at Cheyenne OBGYN typically recommend young girls have their first appointment between ages 13 and 15. Usually, a pelvic exam is not needed at this time, but it allows your daughter to begin forming a relationship with her doctor and therefore be more comfortable sharing personal information in the future.

During her first visit, your teen will meet her gynecologist for the first time. Her Cheyenne OBGYN doctor will ask questions about family health history, her menstrual period, and sexual activity. The doctor may also ask if she has received the HPV vaccination. The vaccine is the most effective method at preventing human papillomavirus and works best when administered before sexual activity. Many children receive the vaccine between the ages of 11-13 and can receive it from their pediatrician. If they have not, this vaccine can be provided at Cheyenne OBGYN.

Your daughter’s first pelvic exam will likely not take place until she is 21, which is the age doctors recommend begin screenings for cervical cancer with a pap test. For over 60 years, this test has been the most reliable in detecting cervical cancer.

If you or your daughter have questions about when to see a gynecologist or about an upcoming visit, please call our doctors at Cheyenne OBGYN. We have been serving women in and around Cheyenne, Wyoming since 1979.  Call to schedule an appointment at 307-634-5216.

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