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Suggestions to Help Keep Calm During the Holidays While Pregnant

Family gatherings, gift giving, holiday decorations and events – there is lots to celebrate over the holiday season. If you are pregnant, you have even more reason to celebrate! However, trying to get everything done can be stressful. It’s important to take the time to enjoy the holidays but also make time to care for yourself and the baby you will be welcoming soon. Here are a few tips for keeping calm through the holiday season.

  • Ask for help. Crowded stores and long lines mean more time on your feet, which for a pregnant woman, can be very uncomfortable and tiring. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend to pick up wrapping paper or a simple gift for you while they’re getting their own holiday shopping done. Let people help. 
  • Take a break: Make time for yourself. Invest 30 minutes each day in just doing something for yourself, whether that’s reading, journaling or taking an easy walk. It will help calm your breathing and clear your mind.
  • Prepare for travel: Sleep is very important while pregnant. Lack of sleep can make you agitated or too tired to enjoy anything. Consider bringing a wedge pillow to sleep with on the plane and while you’re away from your own bed to get better, comfortable sleep.
  • Stay home for the holidays: Many families often travel for the holidays. Consider asking family to visit you and help with preparations. Staying home will give you more opportunity to rest and not stress about packing or getting things done before leaving. You might be surprised how accommodating family can be.
  • Skip the holiday cards: We each have a list of obligatory holiday to-dos, like holiday cards. Don’t put pressure on yourself to get every one of those tasks done while you’re pregnant. Send cards to family, but don’t feel obligated to write out 150 cards or go through the stress of taking professional photos. Be realistic on what you want or can get done.

If you need more tips, please contact your gynecologist. If you’d like to talk further about your pregnancy health, please make an appointment by calling 307-634-5216.

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