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Is adoption right for me? Questions to consider:

There are many reasons why an individual or couple might consider adoption. Perhaps you and your partner are unable to conceive? If you are thinking about adopting a child, you must be sure you are ready. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering adoption.

Are you done with infertility treatments? If you have dealt with infertility issues, you need to make sure you are physically and emotionally done with going through any further treatments. If you adopt a child, you need to bring that child into your life with your whole heart and mind, by focusing your energy on that child. If you are still hoping for a biological child, you may want to put off adoption.

Have you chosen an adoption process? There are several different avenues you can take to adopt a child. There is foster care adoption, infant adoption and international adoption. You should decide what ages you would consider as well as other attributes.

Are you and your home ready for a child?  Bringing home a baby involves more than sharing love for the child. You need to make sure you have the physical space to accommodate a little person, and that you are financially able to support this new family member with food, clothing, school and medical appointments. Kids are very expensive!

Do you have resources and support? There will be some challenges along the way, including physical or emotional ones. An adopted child – even as a newborn – can experience trauma when separated from their biological mother. Make sure to research local adoption support groups that you can reach out to learn about their services. It’s also a good idea to have doctors in place before first medical visits and write down all your questions.

Are you prepared for a long process? The desire to hold your own baby in your arms can be made even longer by the adoption process. The process involves a lot of paperwork and uncertainty. Background checks and physical exams may also be a part of the process. Your home and even your lifestyle will be examined. You need to be prepared to have all aspects of your life put under a microscope.

Every situation is different, but these questions will help you assess whether you are ready to consider adoption. It is also recommended you consult with an attorney or adoption specialist to learn more and fully answer your questions or concerns.

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