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What to expect in the second trimester

The second trimester of pregnancy is from week 13 to week 26. For most women, the second trimester is the best part of the pregnancy journey. That’s mainly because any morning sickness is usually gone, and any initial anxiety has faded. It’s also the time when the baby bump has become visible, but moving around isn’t too difficult, so mom-to-be is able to enjoy the pregnancy.

The baby’s growth and development will rapidly increase during the second trimester. The baby will begin to move within the amniotic sac and mom will very likely feel and see movement in her belly! During the second trimester the baby’s features, like fingers and toes, will become defined. Its organs will continue to evolve, and the liver, pancreas and kidneys will begin to function. Other characteristics like eyebrows, eyelashes and nails will come in as well. Parents can start singing to their babies because it’s during the second trimester that the fetus can begin to actually hear you.

Your body will also undergo some changes of its own. During the second trimester you may notice your appetite increase, swelling in your hands and feet, and the appearance of stretch marks around the belly and breasts. Remember though, everyone’s pace of development is different. Even your second pregnancy can look and feel very different from your first.

Healthcare appointments will continue during the second trimester. During this phase, many parents look forward to discovering the gender of the fetus via an ultrasound. It’s also typical to be tested for gestational diabetes at this time and to monitor baby’s growth rate.

As you get comfortable going into your second trimester, it’s important to continue to maintain healthy habits. Kegel exercises are recommended to strengthen your pelvic muscles. Continue to take prenatal vitamins and keep your doctor appointments. Make sure to discuss what type of physical exercise you can and cannot do with your doctor.

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