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Talking to Your Daughter About Birth Control

The job of being a parent brings many joys and rewards. It also brings many challenges. Most parents would probably agree that talking to their kids about sex goes into the category of challenges. 

Talking about sex can be a difficult topic for many parents. It is better to approach the topic sooner rather than later. That way you can open a line of communication, making your child comfortable with talking to you should concerns arise. Additionally, talking about it before it comes up in health class will give you the chance to communicate your personal values around the subject.

When it comes to birth control, you want to be proactive by initiating the conversation early, rather than reactive when your child may already be having sex. Begin by choosing a comfortable place and time to talk. That could mean on a walk or taking advantage of some downtime before bed. You know your child best. Some kids may prefer a private conversation with just one parent instead of discussing it at dinnertime in front of the whole family. 

Find out what your child might already know. Always be direct and honest. Try to stay away from using euphemisms or cute nicknames so there isn’t any confusion. Additionally, use the conversation to talk about what a healthy relationship looks like. That includes consent, trust, and good communication. 

Birth control is not just about preventing pregnancy, it’s also about preventing the risk of sexually transmitted infections. It’s also important to note that many teenage girls use birth control to treat intense menstrual cramps.

A visit to our office can help answer any questions your teenage daughter might have. The visit does not have to include a pelvic exam, which is usually recommended at the age of 21. However, a visit can make her feel comfortable about seeing a gynecologist as well as emphasizing the importance of reproductive health.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment for your daughter, please call us at 307-634-5216.

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