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A Partner’s Guide to Pregnancy

Even if you’re not the one who is pregnant, there are a number of ways a partner can contribute to a healthy and successful pregnancy. A reliable and supportive partner can help a mom-to-be stay healthy, active and feel a lot less stressed. Here are a few ways partners can help during the nine-month journey:

Go to appointments: Accompany the mom-to-be on doctor visits, birthing and newborn classes. She may be distracted or feel overwhelmed on these visits so being another ear or offering to take notes may be very much appreciated. 

Take on more chores: Many pregnant women try their best to keep up with their usual routines, including household chores. She will appreciate offers to pick up any chores – especially in the third trimester.

Be an exercise buddy: As long as her doctor says it’s okay, encourage your partner to take walks regularly. This will help maintain her cardiovascular health. The walks can even serve as an opportunity to spend quality time together before the baby comes.

Keep bad habits away: Bad habits – such as smoking, eating junk food and drinking – can have harmful effects on pregnant women. It will be easier for your pregnant partner not to be tempted into any bad habits if you don’t partake in them either. Instead, help make healthy meals and remind her to take her folic acid and vitamin supplements.

Help her get plenty of rest: Especially if you have kids or pets, make it easy for the mom-to-be to get some rest. Take the kids and pets out of the house to allow her to get sound sleep. Eliminating those distractions will also help her get other things done, including packing her hospital bag.

Compliment her:  Pregnant women can sometimes feel insecure about their bodies. Remind her how amazing she looks (many women really do glow) and what a great job she is doing juggling all the changes that comes with pregnancy.

Remember, you are both in this together! For frequently asked questions and general information about pregnancy, visit our Patient Resources page.